Sollet Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Employees at Sollet (Solletan) work like a family where all are equal irrespective of the Religion, Cast, Creed etc. Sollet is a haven to work where each Solletan will get an equal opportunity to explore themselves and find their immense potential in their area of interest. Sollet embibes the culture of innovation and excellence in each Solletan giving a clear career growth path. Sollet has built over the time a world class team thriving to achieve great results in IT arena, especially for development of state of the art IT Eco systems helping the societies to grow immensely. Sollet has below core values embibed in each Solletan from day one to ensure the organization is vibrant, transparent and more effective.

If you want to become Solletan helping the society grow while growing in your career path, send your profiles to

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